What We Do

The Strategy Group Name Scan Vetting Service

This inexpensive product provides a standard background check utilized by businesses and political campaigns.  It includes a criminal records check, bankruptcy notice, tax liens and judgments, arrests, and police reports.

Public Records Requests (FOIAs, Sunshine / Open Records Requests)

In an open society, the public is entitled to public information.  Too many government bureaucrats and agencies give citizens a runaround when they try to access information.  We draft records requests designed to get precisely the information needed for effective research – and we get everything we are entitled to.

Ad Verifications / Ad Debunking

We specialize in providing fully verified copy for your advertising and direct mail scripts.  Our verifications have been effectively used across the country to keep our clients’ television ads on the air.  Similarly, we debunk opposition advertising that is false and inaccurate.  Our advertising support services have won rave reviews from clients throughout America.

Polling Memo

The Polling Memo is a top-line document that reveals the best, verified contrast points with an opponent.  It is designed to work in tandem with the campaign’s pollster and is useful in message testing polling.  The Polling Memo is not a research report, but rather an initial step in the process.

Best Hits Research Package

The Best Hits Package details the identified attack points against an opponent.  This package is thoroughly documented and each attack point is developed in a narrative format.  Best Hits packages are designed for campaigns that do not have sufficient budgets to procure a complete research package.

Comprehensive Research Package

The Comprehensive Package delivers a full and complete view of the research target.  It includes thorough on-the-ground research services and incorporates push-back data for our own clients’ vulnerabilities.  The Comprehensive Package is the largest and most exhaustive product we provide.

Inoculation Package

Self-research is a vital part of any campaign’s preparation for victory.  Our Inoculation Package provides them with a comprehensive report that examines our client from the perspective of his or her opponent.  Having the ability to predict opposition attacks and prepare for them is critical to the success of any campaign.

Real-Time Vetting Services

Whether a candidate forum, a crucial congressional/legislative committee hearing, or a public event, The Strategy Group for Research can send an on-site researcher to fact-check content and testimony from your opposition. We will also fully vet the speaker(s) who are opposing our clients’ positions. We will provide your communications or lobby team with real-time research to immediately shape news stories and public opinion during and following high-profile events.

Debate Preparation

We can function as the campaign’s designated debate preparation team.  Having done the research, we apply the findings to the real-world of high-profile campaign debates and candidate forums.  Our team will assist in debate strategy, question and answer techniques, and attack points and counterpoints.  In debate practice, we function as your opponent.

In-House Opponent

While some campaigns only wish to hire our team to conduct the research packages, others value a more central role for The Strategy Group Research Division.  Our “In-House Opponent” product puts us in the middle of the campaign strategy and crisis management environments.

We function on the inside of the campaign, participate in all planning and strategy meetings and calls and provide the insight of your opponent to every decision the campaign makes.  This ongoing consulting service can often mean the difference between winning and losing.

Clients who choose the In-House Opponent service receive discounted research packages, vetting services, open records requests, and receive the debate preparation at no additional cost.

Corporate / Non-Profit Research Services

We provide political-style research services to a host of businesses and non-profit entities.  Our firm has worked for some of America’s largest corporations providing them insight into competitors, public affairs actors, office holders, and new hires.  There is no other private-sector entity that offers this level of research services for the private and non-profit sectors.

Topic-Specific Research

The Strategy Group Research Division provides comprehensive research and analysis on individual or public policy topics on an as-needed basis for our clients.  Whether the need is a public policy review, specific issue research, or a deep dive into a narrow question, our research team can deliver precisely what you need.